Thursday, April 27, 2006

Crosby Stills Nash & Young

It’s been over thirty years since CSNY have graced a stage in the UK or Ireland. There was a flurry of excitement earlier this year when it was announced by Nash on his web site that CSNY would be doing fifteen shows in Europe this summer. This was followed hastily by Nash once again saying that there were would be no European dates. There was much speculation that this was due to Stills being unable to function due to paralysing grief at the death of Gerry Tolman. Tolman had acted as Stills Manager for years and had lately also looked after Nash’s interests. This was shown to be rubbish when Stills announced a series of solo dates. Crosby and Nash have been doing some promotional work for David Gilmour. They sing on one of the tracks on his new album. He is also using Stevie D the CPR Drummer.

I think it is ungracious in the extreme not to play European dates after the years their European fans have shown total loyalty. But the pull of the Dollar is strong! There is no doubt that these vetrans deserve to reep some rewards, but surley they could have played some European dates as well!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Cocaine Cowboys

I grew up in the seventies and I loved Country Rock Music, but in those days information was at a premium and little was known outside the inner circle of these bands. All the information came from the Music papers about what was happening. These last few weeks I have been having a nostalgia trip as I have been reading Barney Hoskins new book Hotel California and the Cocaine Cowboys. It has been highly entertaining reading about the trials and journeys of these concrete cowboys. But once again age and disclosure shows that heroes of your youth were unworthy of your worship. But it has been fun reading again about CSNY and the Eagles. It’s even better to listen to their music again. It’s great that some of them survived and are still a force within music. Although the Eagles of today are strangers in business suits and short hair. The Eagles I loved had long locks and faded denim. Neil Young is still following his own muse and is about to release an anti Bush album. I have just watched him on American television explaining in words of one syllable that it’s required for people of different views to be able to express those views, as he says that’s what free speech is all about! Well done Neil!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

A Wet Saturday In Belfast

My Son asked me for a lift into town today, but it was early and although I was sitting at my computer and I was playing music I wasn't really awake. I gave him a pained look and extracted myself from my desk and navigated my way around the piles of books and cd's that litter my office space, and headed for the door. I have come to the conclusion that there isn't a road that isn't being dug up! Every bloody road has some sort of road works on it! Belfast sucks when it's raining. We have those big dark clouds today that empty water by the gallon onto everyone below. Road works and rain! Not a great start to the weekend. I did have a good chat with my Son though, which was nice! As I look out my window now a few hours later the sun is out and there are fluffy clouds over the Black Mountain. Still bloody cold though!

Friday, April 07, 2006


This will be a space where I can unload my head with all the things that are causing me to loose sleep or just where my unfocused mind is rambling at any particular time.