Friday, April 21, 2006

Cocaine Cowboys

I grew up in the seventies and I loved Country Rock Music, but in those days information was at a premium and little was known outside the inner circle of these bands. All the information came from the Music papers about what was happening. These last few weeks I have been having a nostalgia trip as I have been reading Barney Hoskins new book Hotel California and the Cocaine Cowboys. It has been highly entertaining reading about the trials and journeys of these concrete cowboys. But once again age and disclosure shows that heroes of your youth were unworthy of your worship. But it has been fun reading again about CSNY and the Eagles. It’s even better to listen to their music again. It’s great that some of them survived and are still a force within music. Although the Eagles of today are strangers in business suits and short hair. The Eagles I loved had long locks and faded denim. Neil Young is still following his own muse and is about to release an anti Bush album. I have just watched him on American television explaining in words of one syllable that it’s required for people of different views to be able to express those views, as he says that’s what free speech is all about! Well done Neil!


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