Thursday, April 27, 2006

Crosby Stills Nash & Young

It’s been over thirty years since CSNY have graced a stage in the UK or Ireland. There was a flurry of excitement earlier this year when it was announced by Nash on his web site that CSNY would be doing fifteen shows in Europe this summer. This was followed hastily by Nash once again saying that there were would be no European dates. There was much speculation that this was due to Stills being unable to function due to paralysing grief at the death of Gerry Tolman. Tolman had acted as Stills Manager for years and had lately also looked after Nash’s interests. This was shown to be rubbish when Stills announced a series of solo dates. Crosby and Nash have been doing some promotional work for David Gilmour. They sing on one of the tracks on his new album. He is also using Stevie D the CPR Drummer.

I think it is ungracious in the extreme not to play European dates after the years their European fans have shown total loyalty. But the pull of the Dollar is strong! There is no doubt that these vetrans deserve to reep some rewards, but surley they could have played some European dates as well!


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