Saturday, May 13, 2006

It could be said that Bob Dylan has now completed the circle.

As I listened to him on his first radio show I had the feeling of being taken back to some rural farm in the mid west listening to the voice coming out of the ether, telling tales of far away places and of colourful characters, who seem larger than anyone I have ever met. I have a feeling that Dylan as a young boy in the Iron Ridge of Minnesota listened to the radio and had the same experience. In this way Dylan’s Radio show is the closing of the circle on a life that has taken him from Minnesota to his position as the definitive rock icon.

Dylan has had a remarkable year. He has released his first volume of memoirs, released a film of his life as defined by the 1966 tour of Great Britain and Ireland. And now reports are circulating that he has a new album in the can. This is an amazing workload for any artist, let alone one who is in his mid sixties. Dylan seems like a man who is in a hurry, but his destination is not clear. Although he gave a remarkable clue in the film No Direction Home when he said “I was born a long way from here and I’m trying to get home”